Cindy’s April Bead Journal Project

April’s page is finished.  This month there have been egrets in the marsh.  bjp-aprilOur back yard runs into the marsh – and when it’s been raining (April showers) or the wind is blowing the right way – we have about 6 inches of water instead of just soggy ground.  When we have water – ducks typically paddle around and splash – the cats are fascinated.   The leaves on the trees aren’t completely out yet, so I’m able to see further into the marsh than normal.  I’ve been watching 2 egrets fish and it’s such a beautiful sight.  Usually I can’t see them – they like to fish in  deeper water – so they’re typically further in the marsh – and I only see them when I’m walking that way.   More rain – deeper water – so egrets!!   This month my page had to be egrets – and it just had to be bead embroidery on fabric so I could get the shape I wanted.  I filled in the egret with white beads, and it didn’t work.  I like  just the outline – so the extra white beads had to come off.  The water and the grasses – needed a log.  The “log” is a piece of the willow tree in my yard.  I’ve used bugle beads, seed beads of various sizes  and 2 pieces of batik fabric.  And the “log”.bjp-april-crop

Today I saw a dragonfly – so I’m thinking the May page will be a dragonfly.  I want to weave the background for this month and maybe do some sort of bead-weaving strip across the bottom.  I have a really cool dragonfly lamp-work bead and have been waiting for the right project to come along……

Happy beading



6 Responses to “Cindy’s April Bead Journal Project”

  1. Carol Says:

    Your pages are wonderful. This one is visually popping and beautifully beaded.

  2. pam T Says:


  3. Anne Marie - Toronto Says:

    This is a lovely piece!

  4. Margaret Sutherland Says:

    Egrets are a great theme for the month. I like the blue background too. Very nice piece!

  5. Robin A. Says:

    What a lovely, proud, elegant bird! I don’t know why the outline of it is better than the filled in version… Maybe it’s because life in general and birds visiting a temporarily water-filled marsh like this are both ephemeral and momentary… Anyhow, I’m so pleased to see this piece… Everything about it makes me happy! Robin A.

  6. Marty S Says:

    I love the way you use items other than beads. Very nice piece.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

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