Cindy’s March BJP


I have my March page done!  And it’s the right month.  I’m  excited to be caught up!

There was a quilt show the first weekend in March.  Kat and I went and I feel in love with some of the beautiful vibrant colors I found there.  I decided to try some of the colors in my March page.  I also had a loom class (beading) about that time, and part of the class is to take a piece off the loom – as a demo- our starting and finishing techniques are different than traditional loomwork, so we  show how to put a piece on the loom and also how to take a piece off the loom.    I decided to work on the March page, and use it for the demo.  I pulled a few graphs out of a Dover book – one that has the black and white graphs of Celtic designs – Celtic Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven.  It’s a lovely book of charted designs that can be used for all manner of things.  I figured with March and St.Patrick’s Day – Celtic designs were the way to go.  I used one piece of a chart for the bottom band – in blue and green – and the heart at the top is a piece of another chart.  The bottom band is about an inch and a quarter tall – by 4 inches long.  The heart on the top is 3 inches at it’s longest point.  Once I finished the bead weaving – I still had about 1 1/2 inches of warp threads left.   I knew I’d be doing bead embroidery over that area so I used cotton thread to weave in some tapestry.  It’s easier to embroider over the tapestry part of the weaving – the beadweaving is more difficult to stitch thru.  I could use fabric for the base of the embroidery and applique to the weaving once finished – but the heart needed to be stitched around.  So I stitched on top of the weaving directly.  I backed the weaving in paper and it worked just fine.  I don’t like to embroider on top of beadweaving – it’s difficult to get your needle in the right place – but this was bjp-march-in-proga learning process!

Once the embroidery was finished, I started backing the piece with wool fabric.  I’ve been backing all the pieces with recycled wool felt – I go to the thrift shop and buy wool garments – then throw them in the washer – and you get some lovely felted wool.  This wool has worked very well for the

tapestry/embroidery pieces but this one was acting funny.  I decided the bead weaving part was sliding around on the paper, so I ripped the paper away from the non – bead embroidered part.  I figured the paper was making it act different.  Not so!  The bead weaving was still sliding around on the wool.   I’ve ended up quilting the daylights out of the beadweaing  parts – lots of thread is in this piece.  I’m not sure if the beads from the embroidery are heavy and are pulling the piece down – or if the bead weaving doesn’t like being backed with wool fabric.   I think next month’s piece will be back to tapestry bjp-march-full-size1and bead embroidery!

I’ve made a trash-can-ulator from Trashcanulator 2000 (  previously mentioned on the BJP blog.  The only trash can I could find that was round and clear/white – might be too short for my pieces – the camera is too close.  I will find a taller trash can and try the photos again! I’m working on the photography part!



8 Responses to “Cindy’s March BJP”

  1. Carol Says:

    You certainly have a lot of work on this page and its absolutely beautiful. I have been looking for the right waste basket for photography also. Good luck. You would think there would be one in every dollar store around!

    I really do love the page.

  2. Kathy V in NM Says:

    This turned out so beautifully, Cindy! I can well imagine all the intricacy of bead embroidery atop loomwork and you are to be commended for doing it so well.

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Robin A. Says:

    Despite your technical challenges, this piece is absulutely scrumptious… maybe my favorite of your so far. The juxtaposition of the even lines of weaving and pattern with the texture and curved lines of the embroidery are fabulous! And so are the colors. The only one little thing I could ask for is a larger picture of it so I could see more of the details. Interesting and perplexing issues with the weaving on wool… I have no clue. I don’t enjoy embroidery over a structured surface, such as bead weaving, either. Robin A.

  4. copperloom Says:

    Hi Carol, Kathy and Robin –
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Robin – I’ve added a full size picture of the piece and I’ve also included a work in progress piece.

  5. Heidibeads Says:

    This is really nice, I spent about 15 minutes looking at it and I’m amazed. I’ve done a little loom work but wow! I’m so impressed.

  6. Marty S Says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! It’s so interesting to read about your process, which is new to me.

    A Trashcanulator 2000! I’m glad someone made one. Your photo looks great to me.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  7. CC Says:

    WOW! I can’t decide which I like better! Your mixed media pieces or this beautiful piece! Well, I just can’t decide, but this piece is spectacular!
    Warmest aloha,

  8. thebeaddreamer Says:

    Well hello, dear friends. Fancy meeting you here on Word Press. I didn’t realize you had a blog here until I got the email from BSSV with a link to your website. How wonderful it is to see work from both of you here on the blog and on your website. It brings to mind both of your beautiful faces and spirits.

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