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Hi everyone

I just found that I have replies to my 2/15 post.  Not a great blogger am I!  Since I know where to look now – I can keep up with everyone and respond!


I have my January bjp finished and have taken a photo of it.  I came up with the idea during the inauguration of President Obama.  I felt that the country was coming together and it was so amazing I decided to do the journal page with these feelings tucked into the back of my mind. I’ve not been someone who takes a big political stand – but this felt so important I wanted to document how I felt about this coming together.

I decided to have blue yarn and red yarn coming together in a purple center.  I kept thinking about that during the election in November – the news shows kept taking about the red states and the blue states and I kept thinking red and blue make a lovely purple!  I wove the background on the loom – with yarn.  The blue and red yarns are wool with mohair and the purple is a beautiful hand-dyed cotton – done by the lovely and amazing Kat.  I’ve needle felted some yarns to the top of the weaving and added some blue beads and some red beads.  I have different shades of red beads and blue beads – because not all blues are the same, nor are reds or purples.

In the center – I have a bit of bead embroidery – and my photo doesn’t show the right colors  I’ll work on doing a better job with the photography and see if I can get the correct colors!  The yarn colors are good, but the oval stone bead in the center of the embroidery is the color of Michele Obama’s green gloves.  There is a brown glass bead on top of her glove stone that represents Lincoln’s Bible.  There are some stacked beads above the bible that represent all the people there that day – both in person and in spirit.  The bugles represent the long path to this day.   On the left side of the piece – I have a little piece of a blue and red DNA spiral that I made years ago – and didn’t finish.  I decided it needed to live in this piece – so it’s on the side with both red and blue beads at the bottom.

I had a lovely time weaving and embroidering the piece and thinking about how America seems to be coming together.

Work in progress:bjp-jan-in-progress

Quirky Weaver – Cindy


One Response to “Jan. bjp”

  1. Robin A. Says:

    This incredible piece gave me goosebumps! What a fabulous way to view our current political situation… of course, red and blue make purple! Why don’t the politicians take on this lovely thought as a goal? I love the green gloves, bible and spirits of people from the past (and present). I need to have some jpeg pictures of your work for my files… I’ll email you about that! Felt and beads look so beautiful together!!! Great work! Robin A.

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