Feb bjp

I couldn’t resist a heart for February’s page.  I have various forms of beading on it – and had a great time working on it.  bjp-feb2

I made some felt for the background and tried something new.  I used the embellisher to make the felt – using a mesh tulle background, then tried some wet-felting techniques to make the finish smoother.  I used wool roving and wool scraps and most likely some cat hairs are in there as well.  I had help while I worked!

There is  bead embroidery – the pink heart – and there is a band of bead weaving and a mother of pearl heart bead. The band of bead weaving was to be part of a necklace, but it really needed to be on this page instead.    I tucked all the love and good vibes for Valentine’s Day into the back of my mind as I worked.

Quirky Weaver I – Cindy


3 Responses to “Feb bjp”

  1. Kathy V in NM Says:

    Wonderful pages! Colors are so vibrant and one can feel how much you enjoyed working on them.

    And, boy, do I know what you mean about cat hairs and the cat helping out . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. Robin A. Says:

    I can FEEL your love and good vibes in this piece… It’s very special when we send positive thoughts into the universe in this way. Awesome!!!

    Nothing like a high resolution picture viewed at 100% in Photoshop to show up the cat hairs. No wonder I get to sneezing sometimes!

    Robin A.

  3. pam T Says:

    These are absoluely beautiful. You use such incredible colors. Thanks for sharing!

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