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Cindy’s Bead Journal Project update – Finally!

February 15, 2009

I’m so remiss in my blogging efforts.  In my own defense – I’m working like a crazy woman – but that’s no excuse for not getting back to the website!

Here are my efforts for the first few months of the Bead Journal Project for 2008.  I’ve finished September, October, November and December.  I’m working on January – and I’m behind on the February  design.  Most of the time I’m using the loom to weave part of the 4 x 6 journal page.  I’m using bead embroidery after the weaving, or I work it separately and attach to the weaving.  In October I’ve woven both the bead part and the background part.  November is a quilted piece with bead embroidery.  December is a woven piece with bead embroidery and needle felting.  January is a woven piece with bead embroidery – still in progress.

I’ve learned so much from each one  – this project is teaching me a great deal.

September Journal Page:

September is one of my favorite pages so far and of course it’s also the one that’s given me the most trouble.  I’ve had the bead embroidery done since bjp-sept-2August, but kept changing the background.  I’ve finally settled on this version of September.  It’s the view off my back porch.  We’re on the edge of a marsh and have many birds and other critters that pass by in their daily adventures.  My cat – Ivan – is sitting in the grass on the page, but in reality he sits on the screened in porch and chatters at the birds in the bird-bath.  The background was woven on  a Copperloom.  The birdbath and bird were completed using bead embroidery on cotton fabric (with paper backing).

October Journal Page:

October is a part of a sunflower.  oct-bjp1I’ve woven the bead part on a

Copperloom using just beads, finished that part, then added it to a separate background piece done in tapestry.  I’ve used Kat’s glorious hand-dyed yarn – she’s such an incredible artist – to do the tapestry weaving.  The golden part of the sunflower is her cotton dyed yarn, and the center part is a commercially produced brown yarn.  I’ve put a bit of bead embroidery on the top of both the bead weaving and the tapestry weaving.

October’s Work in progress:  Here’s a photo of the October work in progress.  oct-loom2I’m weaving the sunflower part.

I’ve warped the loom using heavy duty upholstery  thread.  I wove the brown “center” of the sunflower in wool weaving yarn, then used Kat’s hand-dyed linen and cotton to complete the “petals”.  Once I finished that, I stitched the bead-woven part over top of the tapestry piece.

November Journal Page:

November Journal Page: November’s page means alot to me.  A friend passed away and I did this page in her memory.  It’s called Flowers for Louise. nov-bjp1 Her favoite color was purple – and she often wore it with accents of pink.  The strip of flowers at the top are out of hand-dyed fabric and pieced in the Seminole piecing methods.   The rest of the piece is a cotton batik that I’m sure Louise would have approved of.  I did the bead embroidery with lovely memories of Louise tucked in the back of my mind and picked beads I thought she’d enjoy.  The tear-drop shaped beads on the side are my tears from missing her.  The beads above her head represent the wonderful joy she spread in her work and play.  The flower beads  at the bottom are there because of her love for flowers.

December Journal Page

I’ve had a knee injury and ended up on the sofa in front of the fireplace for most of December.  I’ve watched the flames in the fireplace and tried to work on projects without walking upstairs 40 million times to my studio.  bjp-decI really enjoyed the fireplace, but not being able to do much – just about drove me crazy.  I know this is a small thing in terms of the universe – but it certainly put a stop to most of my shenanigans.  Focusing on the enjoyable part, I’ve done the fireplace with tapestry weaving and the fire with bead embroidery.  I’ve needle felted some green wool into a garland, decorated with red beads.  Ivan is watching all this from his kitty bed – (not really that close to the fireplace) – but close enough to have some of the heat come his way!  The stocking ornament is pieced and the lace on the edge is tatting.  The stocking is an actual ornament that I’ve had on my tree for years, I can’t remember when I made it!  The hearth is wool, the mantel is mohair, the wall at the top is mohair, and the fireplace is some of Kat’s hand-dyed cotton.  Ivan’s bed is wool roving, and the logs are wooden beads.